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Nadi leaf Identification (Procedure)

nadi astrology consulting, future guide

The clear thumb impression (Male - Right, Female - Left) of the native is taken and studied. According to the shape or sizes of loops, some symbols and number of dots, there are names for the thumb impressions based on their permutation and combination. This name for the thumb impression is found out by the Nadi Astrologer. Then he finds out the Nadi Leaf Bundles which match the name of the the thumb impression among a few lakhs of bundles. Each bundle contains about 37 to 100 leaves. The palm leaves containing the prediction for many people born in the same time may be found in those bundles.

The Nadi Reader doesn't know any detail about the native. So he brings the bundles in front of the native and starts reading out. If any information read out is correct, then the native has to say "YES".

Then the Astrologers continues to read the same leaf. If even a single information doesn't match, The native has to say "NO", he skips the leaf and goes to the next. Likewise He goes on reading out till the leaf with all the information matching the native's life is found in a single leaf. This is the leaf in which the prediction for the native is found. This leaf can be the very first one or any leaf of the searched out bundles.

The details may be about the name of the native, their parents or spouse, which may be direct or symbolic; Their rank in their family, number of sisters, number of brothers, number of sons and daughters, the source of income at the present period, date of birth, birth star or moon sign.

From the date of nadi reading, the natiive's future, how the fate rules their life, what are the do's and don'ts etc. are explained precicely and accurately and correct guidance is given as given by the saints .