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Nadi History

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A few saints by the power of their penance, were directly enlightened by the Almighty. Then they could have control over their five senses which worked through the 9 openings of the physique. They acquired 8 main powers acquired by a spiritual person called Ashta Maha Siddhis Aṇimā, Mahima, Garima, Laghima, Prāpti, Prākāmya, Iṣiṭva, Vaśitva. So they are known as Maharshis. They could feel and understand minute things smaller than atoms and vast things like universe. Maharshis can even transit from their present physique to another. In short, Maharshis could achieve the things which were unreachable for normal people.

They could naturally get the knowledge about the three dimensions of time that is past, present and future. So for the betterment of the people who were going to take birth in Kaliyuga they have recorded the past, present and future till death. These records contain minute details of all comforts, discomforts, pleasure, sorrow, positive and negative in a symbolic way. And also they have given apt solutions for the problems due to Karma, partially favorable planetary positions etc. By following this guidance, they can get eradicated from all such problems. Among these Maharshis, Agathiyar, Sivavakkiyar, Birugu, Vasishtar, Sugar and Adri are prominent. Apart from Nadi Astrology they were masters in Herbal medicines, science, self defence arts and spirituality.

Recopy of the Manuscripts:

The manuscripts started decaying. Then they selected thick palm leaves for keeping such records. The script didn’t have dots because a dot might tear a leaf. The letters were scripted continuously without space between letters or words. The texts found are in ancient Tamil poetic form. These palm leaf manuscripts were preserved by coating herbal sap on them. These palm leaf manuscripts are considered as a valuable treasure. Among these manuscripts, Nadi Astrology manuscripts and manuscripts about Herbal Medicines alone are being preserved by the people of Valluvar community as their ancestral property. We consider our ancestors alone as our preceptors. These people ( I and my relatives) guide people through Nadi Astrology. We also explain the solutions given by Maharshis and rescue people from sorrow.