online nadi astrology services annanagar, tamilnadu, india


online nadi astrology services annanagar, tamilnadu, india

I'm very grateful to the Great Scholar Nadi Astrologer Pandit Guruji V. R. Shivashakti who could reveal the deepest secrets of my past which I and no one except me knew. The next great thing is that every incident in my life is happening according to the Prediction given by this Great Nadi Astrologer from his collection of one and only library of Thulliya Nadi. The subsequent remedial measures were performed in so genuine way that they gave me very best results and I'm taking every step by the guidance of one and only Thulliya Nadi Astrology which's Authority is Pandit Guruji V. R. Shivashakti.

I am sure that Its a Boon, Grace and Blessing of the Almighty to have this Prediction from Guruji. I've not even heard of such an accurate prediction before. It's really amazing that these predictions were written more than a 1000 years ago by the Indian sages.

The information that was revealed in my leaves regarding my current situation and that of the past gave me a new insight of my life. The financial, marital, personal, career and health problems that I was experiencing presently were directly related to my past birth and the things I had done to others at that time. I now have a new perspective on the meaning of Karma.

Had been without a job for more than eleven months with the prospects of finding work to be minimal to say the least and was feeling despondent about my life, but soon after performing the rituals recommended in my "Shanthi" and "Diksha" Chapters, I was offered a job as I expected. I attribute this to the remedies performed and thank the Almighty for his divine Grace.

A big burden has been lifted from my shoulders and I feel more empowered and optimistic about the future than I have ever been in my life. I now have the opportunity to transform and control my destiny and that of my family for the better.

If someone feels attracted to Nadi and would like to find out more, I would highly recommend doing your Nadi reading through Nadiastroservice. There customer support is exemplary and have always answered my queries in a supportive, friendly and timely manner. Thank you again Nadiastroservice for providing such a professional service.

2014-08-08 Posted By: Alexis, Toronto, Canada

It is my sheer luck I came across your website I ordered to search my holy manuscript .I was suffering because of a legal litigation which i never believed before that would solve and I'd get success. The case seemed to drag and never seemed to end. In the right time, remedial measures were suggested and I performed it. The judgement was in favour and I'm leading a prosperous life. I am daily chanting the mantra suggested to achieve good result in life.

2013-03-05 Posted By: Patrik, Belgium

online nadi astrology services annanagar, tamilnadu, india
online nadi astrology services annanagar, tamilnadu, india

I am happy to know about Pandit Guruji V. R. Shivashakti who is known for his Reading in Thulliya "Zoom In" Nadi, his Scholarship in Vedic Astrology and Intuition Powers through the Genuine website and to note the details pertaining Astrological Aspects of different forum. One of my well wishers seeing the site suggested me to view the same. It is indeed astonishing and empowering and paved me the way to set right my life. Since remedies also are part of it, using this source enabled me to tune my life and to position it in the right track.

2013-03-07 Posted By: Anna, South Africa

Thanks to nadiastroservice for the valuable service you are rendering, My life got changed totally from worst to best after I consulted your NadI astrology centre, When I approached you first time, I never thought my visit will change my life path so soon, Many of the perplexities I faced all along melt like dew drops in front of sunrays. The way you dealing with your clients, and the affectionate consultations and the valuable suggestions for doing remedies really speaks volumes and volumes about your professionalism in nutshell.

Now all my confusions got cleared, and I am leading a very happy life with my family. All my problems solved as if at the press of a button. I'm actively propagateing about your company and the services to all my friends and beloved, so that they also should come over their problems and lead a peaceful life like myself. I am wishing the almighty to give all the necessary infrastructure to you to carry on with this noble job.

2013-02-20 Posted By: Adolf, Spain

online nadi astrology services annanagar, tamilnadu, india
online nadi astrology services annanagar, tamilnadu, india

I would like to thank Nadi Astro Service and the sisters and brothers working there for their efficient assistance and guidance. My daughter has finally succeeded in achieving a job after being unemployed for 10 months.

Pandit Guruji V. R.Shivashakti,head of Nadi Astrologers told her to do Mantra Chanting which brought miracles in her life. This indeed is a Miracle and we thank the team of Nadi Astro Service and may God bless them.

2013-03-11 Posted By: Aaron, Kenya