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Vedic Astrology

  Sprituality, Real laws, Spiritual ethics and strong belief on God are the basis of Vedic Astrology. Vedic Astrology applies to everyone irrespective of whether a person believe these facts or not. Scientists had discovered that most of the heavenly bodies are spherical in shape. It is scientifically proved that the lives of the world are operated by a few planets and a few heavenly bodies. The planets rotate. Due to this rotation day and night occur. All the beings live on the basis of these Planets and five Elements. Human is one out of those.

All the aspects of life are calculated on the basis of the Birth Ascendant which is based on the birth time. The moon sign is determined by taking the Birth Star and dividing it into four quarters. Then the placement of the nine planets are calculated. Then accordingly the Accurate Predictions are explained on the basis of Proven Planetary Perriods, Sub periods and Antara which are calculated by Scholars of Astrologers who purely belong to Nayanar Lineage of Valluvar Community who are the Authority of Vedic Astrology. Apart from these, Trikona, Dwadashamsa, Trimshamsa, Chaturthamsa, Shashtamsa, Dashamsa Padasara and a few other intricate and very important Charts are calculated to give very very Accurate Prediction.

Sun plays the role of a King, Moon is Queen, Head of Defence is Mars, Mercury is Prince, Jupiter is the Preacher of Gods, Venus is the Preacher of demons, Saturn is the servant, Rahu is Shadow and Ketu is the treasure of knowledge about Eternity.

Planetary Period is used to calculate Yearly Prediction, Sub period is used to calculate Monthly prediction, Antara is used to calculate Daily prediction.

General life span of a man according to Vedic Astrology is 120 years. Usually people themselves fix in their mind that 40% of life is full of happiness and 60% of life is full of sorrow. Thus people themselves attract such sorrowful situations. To make these situation more stronger, Mangal dosh, Tara dosh, Mangalya dosh, Putra dosh, Nag dosh, Kal sarp dosh, Dharma karmadhipatya dosh, Vakra dosh, 7 ½ years of Saturn, ardhashtam shani, Khandaka shani, Mangu shani, Pongu Shani, Maraka shani, Janma guru, Ardhashtama guru, Ashtama guru and Rahu ketu dosh act upon the important aspects of a man’s life. Time period of a planet in a particular house is divided into two out of which one part is favourable and the other part is partially favourable. Negative words which emerge from the tongue affect and offend the planets. By this, happiness decreases and sorrow increases in man’s life. Vedic Astrology measures the power of these planets by Degree, Minute, Tharparai and Vitharparai. By this we are able to know how far a planetary position is partially favourable. To eradicate the problems due to this, Vedic Astrologers recommend Fire rituals (Homas), Yantras, Mantra pujas, Favourable colours, Favourable numbers, Remedial measures, Offerings, Visit to certain shrines etc.

From birth to death the planets play their important role in ruling every aspects of life of all people. Everyone is a puppet and the planets are the holders of their strings. Life is filled with happiness and sorrow. Remedial measures are the ways by which people can reduce the severeness of problems. Vedic Astrology is one of the very powerful branches which helps us to lead a pleasant, prosperous and peaceful life.

Types Of Vedic Astrology:

Vedic astrology (Jyotisha) has three main branches:

  •   Siddhanta (Astronomy):
    Astronomy & its application to astrology
  •   Samhita (Mundane astrology):
    Covers Mundane astrology, predicting important events related to countries such as war, earth quakes, political events, astro - meteorology, financial positions, electional astrology; house & construction related matters (Vaastu Shaastra), animals, portents & omens etc.
  •   Hora (Predictive astrology):
    This branch has the following different styles / sub branches:-
  •   Jaatak Shaastra / Hora Shaastra (Natal Astrology / horoscopy): Prediction based on individual horoscope.
  •   Muhurt or Muhurtha (Electional astrology): Selection of beneficial time to initiate an activity to get maximum fruition from the life activities.
  •   Swar Shaastra (Phonetical astrology): Predictions based on name & sounds.
  •   Prashna (Horary astrology) : Predictions based on time when a question is asked by querent / querist.
  •   Ankjyotisha / Kabala (Numerology): A branch of astrology based on numbers.
  •   Tajik Shaastra / Varsha Phal (Annual Horoscopy): Astrology based on annual solar returns.
  •   Jaimini Sutras: A non-conventional method of timing of events based on Famous Indian astrologer, Acharya Jaimini.
  •   Nastjaatakam (Lost Horoscopy): Art of tracing / construction of lost horoscopes.
  •   Streejaatak (female astrology): A special branch of astrology dealing with female nativities.

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